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  • sc_blurb“It was great learning an instrument in a week is in incredible also meeting new people, making songs with your band and showcasing it. Me, personally liked it alot. I had lots of fun learning the bass and playing with a band! My favorite part was band practice it was always fun making a song. GRFW is great!”

    –  S.C.
  • rj_blurb

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my daughter a truly positive and life-changing experience.” 

    – R.J.
  • “I had a really positive experience with girls rock fw, because coming into it, I had convinced myself I knew all there was to know about my confidence, identity, and I thought I was generally empowered. I was definitely wrong. I learned through girls much younger than me where I was going wrong, and how it was okay to take up space and jam out.” 

    – O.V.
Empowering  Girls Thru Music Education Since 2016