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As a non-profit, Girls Rock Fort Worth is only able to operate through tax-deductible donations. Your financial and in-kind contributions gives us the ability to cover our operating costs, provide a safe space, further share our mission, maintain our musical equipment and offer assistance to campers
who can’t afford the full camp fee.

This year we are focusing on new equipment that will serve our campers for years to come.  Owning our own quality instruments is not only vaulable for learning but it lasts longer and allows us to be indpenednt of gear loans.

By offering your support to GRFW, you join a global movement that seeks to mentor young girls and women to embrace everything they are and to believe in all that they can be.



Donate Gear

Donate or Loan Gear

We happily accept donations of instruments and other musical equipment.  You can donate your gear by using our Gear Donation Form. If you cannot donate your gear, but would still like to contribute, please see the Loaner Gear Wish List below.
Loaners will be responsible for dropping off their gear before camp and picking up their gear on the last day of camp. Arrangements can be made for gear drop off and pick up, if necessary. Please fill out our Gear Loan Form online. We will contact you with further details as soon as we receive your form.
  • electric guitars
  • bass guitars
  • lefty electric guitars
  • lefty bass guitars
  • picks
  • keyboards
  • drum kits, which include, snare, kick, toms, replacement parts
  • cymbals, cymbal stands, hi hat and thrones
  • drum sticks
  • microphones and microphone stands
  • guitar and bass amps
  • tuners and effects pedals
  • cables (quarter-inch, xlr, speaker)
  • earplugs
  • guitar straps
  • guitar and bass strings
  • music stands and instrument stands
  • extension cords and power strips
  • recording equipment
  • portal PA gear

Donate Food

Rocking out takes some serious energy!  Girls Rock Fort Worth’s camp week covers meals and snacks for volunteers and campers from Monday – Friday.  Even covering one meal for one day of the week (say, lunch on Monday) will be happily (and hungrily) received – and means that we can put more of our resources towards rocking.
  • morning and afternoon snacks each day of camp week
  • breakfast for each day of camp week
  • lunch for each day of camp week
  • water for each day of camp week
  • coffee for volunteers
  • dining supplies (napkins, utensils, cups, plates)

Donate Printing | Raffle | Other

Girls Rock Fort Worth’s outreach is a year-round operation and we recognize the importance of having a great look, and we are always accepting donations year-round to enhance our events, including silent auctions, benefit shows, and more.
  • event flyers
  • brochures
  • vinyl banners
  • customized folders
  • showcase programs
  • retail or professional service
  • entertainment tickets
  • gift cards
  • craft item or artwork
  • music and art magazines/books
  • art and craft supplies
  • a button maker and supplies
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